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Solid oak board grade AB BC CC 100-300 m3/month
Wholesale price
€1,150-3,150/cu m
Теравуд, LLC, BY
Good afternoon ! We produce furniture panels from oak (solid oak board). prices from the producer Mixed grade - AB, BC and CC grades. Thickness...
Price on request
ЭкоПро, LLC, RU
Мебельный щит из хвойных и лиственных пород (сосна, береза, дуб, ясень) разных размеров Цена договорная. Furniture shield of coniferous and...
Within the radius of 330 km from Washington
Parkiett massive Esche, Eiche ( Ash, Oak)
$45/sq m FCA  
Wholesale price
from $42/sq m
УДГ, LLC, UA, 199 km
Предлагаем с собственного производства Доску пола, паркет, ступени лестниц. покрыты маслом
Lumbers / пиломатериалы
Price on request
Вуд Лук, LLC, UA, 199 km
We produce edged and unedged boards, kitchens and parquet elemets and lamella made of solid wood species. (espescially ash and oak) . Delivery...
Морёный дуб (Bog oak) резьба
Ковбвсюк О., SP, UA, 329 km
Основа - натуральный мореный дуб (Bog oak), возможно заказать изображение.
Solid Oak Parquet/Solid Oak Wood Flooring/3-D wall panels
11.35/sq m
Euroservice, LLC, RU, 329 km
Solid Oak Parquet One pack will cover 1,11 m2 and includes 40 pieces of parquet. Connection type: tongue and groove. The parquet is supplied...
Elite Caucasian Rock Oak (Quercus petraea)
Wholesale price
€600-1,100/cu m FCA
Кудисова О.А., SP, RU, 329 km
We conclude contracts for the supply of edged boards from the elite Caucasian rocky oak (Quércus pétraea), (only comel forest exclusively of 1 and...
We open a furniture dealer network in the USA
Price on request
Орвиетто, LLC, BY, 329 km
Furniture from Europe. Material: European White Oak We are looking for: shops, wholesale warehouses, dealer networks. Requested goods
In neighboring regions
Lumber oak
$1,900/cu m  
Wholesale price
$1,900/cu m
Позняк В.В., SP, RU +1 ad
Not shaped bog oak lumber. Humidity 8-10% The degree of staining from 300 to 2400. Radio carbon analysis on request. I sell stained wood in any...
Tables of oak
$300/pc FCA  
Wholesale price
Пивнич, LLC, UA
We produce and supply the tables with tops of solid oak and metal legs
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